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5 years ago

Changes since v18.01.0


  • Clone operations are more resilient to busy storage controllers.
  • Fixed cleanup of goroutines.
  • Extended timeouts for storage controller API invocations.
  • Prevented exit if a startup error occurs so Docker and Kubernetes don't restart Trident continuously.
  • Fixed an issue where SolidFire cloned volumes were not updated with new QoS values.
  • Kubernetes: Trident no longer emits SCSI bus rescan errors into log.
  • Kubernetes: Fixed incorrect association of volumes with backends after backend update (Issue #111).
  • Docker: iSCSI device discovery and removal is faster, more granular, and more reliable.
  • Docker: Fixed default size handling (Issue #102).
  • Docker: Client interfaces start immediately to avoid Docker plugin timeouts.


  • Added FQDN support for the management and data LIF of ONTAP backends.
  • For Kubernetes 1.9+, CHAP secrets will be created in Trident's namespace
    instead of the PVC's namespace.
  • Return new HTTP codes from REST interface to indicate Trident startup status.
  • Set the minimum supported SolidFire Element version to 8.0.
  • Kubernetes: Simplified installing Trident with a new installer.
  • Kubernetes: Added the ability to define a custom name for a storage
    backend. This enhancement enables adding multiple instances of the same
    backend with different policies (e.g., different snapshot policies), which
    obviates extending the Trident storage class API to support new parameters
    (Issue #93).
  • Kubernetes: Added the ability to rename an existing backend.
  • Kubernetes: SolidFire defaults to use CHAP if Kubernetes version is >= 1.7
    and a trident access group doesn't exist. Setting AccessGroup or UseCHAP in
    config overrides this behavior.
  • Docker: The aggregate attribute in ONTAP config files is now optional.

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