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Changes since v17.10.0


  • Volume deletion is an idempotent operation with the ontap-nas-economy driver (Issue #65).
  • Enabled Trident installation on an EF-series (all-flash) array.
  • Fixed an issue where qtrees with names near the 64-character limit could not
    be deleted.
  • Enforced fencing of ONTAP aggregates and E-series pools to match config file values.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting volumes using the ONTAP SAN driver could leave
    volumes stuck in a partially deleted state.
  • Fixed an issue where the ONTAP SAN driver would create junction paths for cloned iSCSI volumes


  • Trident can now serve as a Docker Volume Plugin.
  • Enabled cloning volumes via a new PVC annotation.
  • Added support for Kubernetes 1.8 Storage Classes to set the mount options and reclaim policy of PVs (Issue #49).
  • Introduced the fsType parameter in the Kubernetes Storage Class to set the file system type of iSCSI PVs.
  • Added CHAP support for SolidFire (Issue #42).
  • Decoupled Trident storage pools from volumes to facilitate "vol move" and SVM-DR with ONTAP backends.
  • Added support for the etcdv3 API (Issue #45).
  • Added the etcd-copy utility to migrate data between etcd clusters.
  • Enabled TLS for Trident's etcd client and the etcd-copy utility.
  • Added scripts and instructions for setting up an external etcd cluster using
    etcd operator.
  • Significantly reduced Trident and Trident-Launcher Docker image sizes.
  • Clarified and enhanced storage class pool selection by introducing storagePools and renaming
    requiredStorage to additionalStoragePools.
  • Added hostname support to the dataLIF option in the config file for ontap-nas and ontap-nas-economy drivers.
  • Added minimum volume size checks to all plugins.
  • Docker: Improved iSCSI rescan performance for ONTAP SAN and E-series plugins.

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