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ASP 2.7.0

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RELEASE 2.7.0, July 27, 2020

New functionality

  • Support for ISIS version 4.1.10. Please set ISISDATA instead of
    ISIS3DATA with this version of ISIS and ASP.
  • Support for the Community Sensor Model
  • Ability to install ASP with conda. See INSTALLGUIDE.rst for details.
  • Moved the documentation to ReStructured Text, and Sphinx-Doc. See
    the documentation at:
  • As of this release, we have transitioned to the Semantic Versioning
    2.0.0 standard ( for ASP.


  • Can first create interest point matches among mapprojected images
    (automatically or manually) and use those to create matches among
    the unprojected images when the latter are so dissimilar in
    perspective that the direct approach fails. See --mapprojected-data.


  • Bugfix when zooming all images to same region when the region is
    such that all images are seen fully.


  • Added a new very challenging example at the South Pole with drastic
    illumination changes and using a non-stereo DEM as initial guess.
  • Fixed a bug with craters missing under low light.
  • Fixed a bug with computation of exposures in terrain with many shadows.
  • Print the Sun azimuth angle for all images (useful for sorting them
    by illumination conditions).

  • When hijitreg finds no match points between two CCDs, the program now
    emits a warning message to STDOUT with a suggestion to perhaps
    fiddle with hijitreg manually, and rather than fail with a
    mysterious exception warning, now gracefully falls back to
    assuming that there is no jitter correction between the two
    CCDs that had no matches.


  • Use outlier filtering when computing the bounding box of a DEM.
    The same option --remove-outliers-params controls this
    just as for removing outliers by triangulation error.


  • Fixed a bug when finding the extent of the mapprojected
    image when the DEM to project onto spans the whole planet.


  • Only meshes in .obj format are created. This format can be opened
    in Meshlab, Blender, or some other mesh viewer.
  • The osgviewer program is no longer shipped.
  • Fixed a bug with invalid points not being filtered.
  • Fixed a bug with insufficient precision (now it can be set
    by the user and defaults to 17 digits).
  • Added the option --texture-step-size to control the sampling
    rate for the texture, in addition to the -s option that controls
    the sampling rate for the point cloud.


  • Updated to C++ 11.
  • Added phase subpixel correlation accuracy parameter.

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