github Neamar/KISS v3.13.5

latest releases: v3.16.8, v3.16.7, v3.16.5...
2 years ago

Fix since the last beta version:

  • Fix: only display double-tap to lock setting on Android P and higher
  • Fix: calendar icon in favorite should still update every day

Changelog since last stable version:

  • Feat: Multiple widgets are finally here! Please test them :) If you see any issues, report it at
  • Feat: Resize widgets
  • Feat: Bring back tag menu
  • Feat: Double tap to lock screen in minimalist mode
  • Fix: Issues with favorites accessibility (re-fixed)
  • Fix: Hidden favorites when using internal fav bar
  • Feat: Gesture customisation, select which action to do for each gesture
  • Feat: improvements to the ranking system (@saveman71)

Stay safe everyone :)

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