github Neamar/KISS v3.12.2

latest releases: v3.16.8, v3.16.7, v3.16.5...
2 years ago
  • Perf: memory usage reduced (less images stored in memory, less services)
  • Perf: speed increased when history gets really long
  • Perf: no CPU drain from previous widgets. (you'll need to reconfigure your widget)
  • Feat: Added option for larger favorites
  • Feat: Added menu option to view app on Store
  • Feat: Google and DuckDuckGo searches now get custom icons
  • Fix: App scrollbar is now properly themed
  • Fix: Favorites properly display ripple effect on touch
  • Fix: Improved animation when searching with more than a single web provider
  • Fix: Scroll is not reset when adding a tag
  • Fix: Scroll is not reset when excluding an app
  • Fix: Scroll is not reset when updating an app
  • Fix: tag favorites work again

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