github NRCHKB/node-red-contrib-homekit-bridged v1.0.1

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4 years ago

Lost backward compatibility. In order to make it work read this notice.


  • Node id macify algorithm changed #170
  • Corrections regarding issue #12 so that changes can be deployed without restarting node-red
  • Automatically creating a new service and replacing the old one if the service type changed
  • Automatically replacing an accessory with a new one if the accessory information changes (e.g. Name, Manufacturer, ...)
  • Video Filter value in Camera Control is now optional #194 (can be empty, before it was generated if was empty)
  • Removed updateReachability as it is deprecated (and doesn't make a difference)


  • After Service selection in node configuration Category will be automatically set to default for Service
  • Interface Name for Camera Service configuration
  • Support for new TV Remote services
  • Now first output is for onChange, second for onSet and third for camera snapshot. #200
  • Sponsor Button on repository page


  • Accessory Category in node configuration moved under Service selection
  • Update node-red version in dependencies
  • Camera Service source code to match newest improvements in homebridge-camera-ffmpeg
  • Update to latest HAP-NodeJS
  • Removed unnecessary accessory category from service node
  • Removed fields Manufacturer, Serial Number and Model from linked service nodes
  • Moved eslint and prettier configuration to package.json
  • Added automatic linting on pre-commit

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