github NRCHKB/node-red-contrib-homekit-bridged v0.7.0

latest releases: v1.6.1, v1.6.0, v1.5.0...
4 years ago


  • CHANGELOG page introduction
  • travis autodeploy to npm on pushed tags
  • Change from "characteristic-change" to "set" to listen to HAP-NodeJS events
  • Sorted Service Type list in UI
  • Camera support (RTSP, Video Doorbell and others)
  • RemoteKey value now appears in node output!
  • HAP-NodeJS version changed to latest (0.5.0)
  • Added Accessory Category field for Parent Service
  • More code refactoring
  • Newest HomeKit Docs uploaded
  • Security hints
  • And more...


  • MIT license
  • Better node-red tests
  • Pretiefied and linted code!
  • Support for node 8 and 10 only
  • Github Actions for automatic tests and publish
  • And more...


  • Removed read/write boundaries for Characteristics
  • And more...

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