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Sui Protocol Version in this release: 42


#16919: This provides a more precise rounding calculation in the Deepbook accessor function (read only), which returns level 2 book data within a price range.

#16905: We have added support for the serialize-signed-transaction and serialize-unsigned-transaction flags, which output transaction bytes instead of executing the transaction for the sui client ptb command.

#16900: Fixes a bug where sui client verify-bytecode-meter incorrectly returned the ticks used by the last function to be verified as the ticks used by the last module verified.


  • Adds a --module/-m flag to sui client bytecode-verify-meter to verify some module bytecode.
  • Replaces the positional, optional package path parameter for this command with --package/-p.

#16839: Enable EC operations in Move.

#16788: The write_to_lock process has been adjusted to only update relevant parts of the Move.lock file instead of wiping and recreating the file with every invocation. You might notice some format changes, but you shouldn't manually edit the file.

#15019: Add Move interfaces for generating secure random values. RandomGenerator is a PRG with a seed that is derived from the global randomness (which is the same between randomness rounds) and a fresh UID (which is guaranteed to be unique by the framework).

#16634: The sui framework code is now running on Move 2024.

#16697: When using the sui move new or move new commands, the default Move.toml file created is formatted to work with Move 2024 beta release. Move 2024 beta release adds some functionality to the core Move language but is opt-in, so legacy code will continue to run as expected.

#16696: Adds a migrate command to the Sui Move CLI set of commands. You can use sui move migrate to perform automated updates to your legacy Move code to take advantage of new features offered in Move 2024.

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