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10 days ago


  • [API behavioral changes] - The suix_getDynamicFields cursor is now fixed. Note that although the cursor looks like an Object ID, it should be treated as an opaque handle. The cursor value has no relationship to the underlying data.
    For more details, see #11789
  • [New API method] - Added a sui_getProtocolConfig method that returns the protocol configs. If a valid protocol version is specified in the request, the protocol config at that version is returned, otherwise, the highest protocol config the node has synced to is returned. Note that a node might support a higher protocol config than what it has synced to. You can also see the highest (maxSupportedProtocolVersion) and lowest (minSupportedProtocolVersion) supported versions in all valid responses. #11510

Full Changelog: devnet-v1.1.0...mainnet-v1.1.0

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