github Mortennn/Dozer v4.2.0

Version 4.2.0

New features:

  • Show Menu and Dock Icon whilst interacting #121. @gingerbeardman
  • Configure amount of seconds to hide the icons after #104. @blakedgordon
  • Resize icons and padding capability added #101. @blakedgordon
  • Hide status bar icons at launch #78. @aonez


  • Fix both Dozer icons from being hidden #105. @blakedgordon
  • Reduce CPU usage when "Hide status bar icons after 10 seconds" is checked #78. @aonez
  • Option clicking Dozer does no track user interaction #127. @gingerbeardman

Thank you @blakedgordon, @aonez and @gingerbeardman for the contributions🙌

pre-release2 months ago