github MohamedBassem/hoarder-app v0.10.1

latest releases: mobile-v1.5.0, mobile-v1.4.0, v0.12.2...
26 days ago

Mostly a lot of minor fixes:

  • Fix: Attempt to increase the reliability of the ollama inference by working around some of the errors in the ollama package.
  • Fix: There was a limit of 2k chars on notes. This is no longer there.
  • Fix: When a bookmark is deleted in the search page, it wasn't getting removed from the grid. This is now fixed.
  • feature: In the editor card, you can now save the bookmark by pressing Ctrl + Enter as well as the Cmd + Enter. This should be more intuitive to windows users.
  • feature: You can now upload webp images.
  • feature: Maximum asset size was 4MB. Now it's configurable with the MAX_ASSET_SIZE_MB env variable. This variable still defaults to 4MB.
  • ui: Red destructive color looks slightly better now in dark mode.

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