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Version 10.31.0

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11 days ago


  • Add extra friction to enable eth_sign in advanced settings (#18848)
  • Fix for wrong type being assigned to the transaction (#18818)
  • Update Snaps icon in settings search and fix missing icon (#18803)
  • Update Korean transactions (#18799)
  • Show Bridge button in TokenOverview component (#18630)
  • Update trezor-connect to v9. Introduced trezor changes are documented at trezor-suite. (#18302)


  • Adding new icons (#18870)
  • Changed Chinese translation for "Average" password strength(#18897)
  • Update Ledger instruction banner for transactions (#17937)
  • Enable editing L2 gas on optimism (#18217)
  • Update keystone links (#18792)
  • Remove Goerli buy link and disable button (#18137)
  • No long show best quote, only present a list of quotes. (#19284)
  • [FLASK] Don't show the title on Install/Update when it's loading (#19012)
  • [FLASK] Add updated version of the Snaps settings UI (#18438, (#18775))


  • Fix terms of use popover scroll button hiding when scollbar is at the bottom. (#18843)
  • Fix in approve header to show correct account name (#18849)
  • Fix error when switching to Linea testnet using wallet_switchEthereumChain (#18710)
  • Fix for persistant currency conversion on multi layer transactions when the show balance setting is off (#18833)
  • Show the right "balance needed" value if we fallback from STX to regular Swaps (#19230)
  • [FLASK] Fix overflowing notification content (#18881)
  • [FLASK] Fix missing icon for webassembly endowment (#18781)
  • [FLASK] Fix text selection bug in snap ui (#18719)

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