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2 months ago

What's Changed

  • sortable overhaul: rename 'unsortable' to 'sortable' which is more intuitive by @thyseus in #420
  • introduce the ability to pass a custom name for a callback column by @thyseus in #419
  • introduce wrap() and nowrap() in Column by @thyseus in #421
  • rename livewire:datatable to make:livewire-datatable by @thyseus in #396
  • Move highlight call before export callback calls. by @chrisjimallen in #353
  • Add format method to Number Column. by @mrsid18 in #343
  • add alias to make:livewire-datatable command by @thyseus in #422
  • append truncate after whitespace-nowrap by @thyseus in #423
  • introduce headerAlign...() and contentAlign...() by @thyseus in #424
  • Add buttonsSlot and other minor fixes by @trippo in #413

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.8.0...v0.9.0

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