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This release of Mbed TLS provides new features, bug fixes and minor enhancements. This release includes fixes for security issues.

This release brings in improved multithreaded operations, record-size-limit, and early-data support and other TLS1.3 improvements. TLS1.3 support is now enabled by default.

Security Advisories

For full details, please see the following link:

Release notes are trunctuated in GitHub's releases page: Please refer to the 3.6.0 release page.

Release Notes

API changes

  • Remove tls13_ in mbedtls_ssl_tls13_conf_early_data() and
    mbedtls_ssl_tls13_conf_max_early_data_size() API names. Early data
    feature may not be TLS 1.3 specific in the future. Fixes #6909.

Default behavior changes

  • psa_import_key() now only accepts RSA keys in the PSA standard formats.
    The undocumented ability to import other formats (PKCS#8, SubjectPublicKey,
    PEM) accepted by the pkparse module has been removed. Applications that
    need these formats can call mbedtls_pk_parse_{public,}key() followed by

Requirement changes

  • Drop support for Visual Studio 2013 and 2015, and Arm Compiler 5.

New deprecations

  • Rename the MBEDTLS_SHA256_USE_A64_CRYPTO_xxx config options to
    MBEDTLS_SHA256_USE_ARMV8_A_CRYPTO_xxx. The old names may still
    be used, but are deprecated.
  • In the PSA API, domain parameters are no longer used for anything.
    They are deprecated and will be removed in a future version of the
  • mbedtls_ecp_write_key() is deprecated in favor of


  • In the PSA API, the experimental way to encode the public exponent of
    an RSA key as a domain parameter is no longer supported. Use
    psa_generate_key_ext() instead.
  • Temporary function mbedtls_pk_wrap_as_opaque() is removed. To mimic the
    same behavior mbedtls_pk_get_psa_attributes() and
    mbedtls_pk_import_into_psa() can be used to import a PK key into PSA,
    while mbedtls_pk_setup_opaque() can be used to wrap a PSA key into a opaque
    PK context.


  • Added an example program showing how to hash with the PSA API.
  • Support Armv8-A Crypto Extension acceleration for SHA-256
    when compiling for Thumb (T32) or 32-bit Arm (A32).
  • AES-NI is now supported in Windows builds with clang and clang-cl.
    Resolves #8372.
  • Add new mbedtls_x509_csr_parse_der_with_ext_cb() routine which allows
    parsing unsupported certificate extensions via user provided callback.
  • Enable the new option MBEDTLS_BLOCK_CIPHER_NO_DECRYPT to omit
    the decryption direction of block ciphers (AES, ARIA, Camellia).
    This affects both the low-level modules and the high-level APIs
    (the cipher and PSA interfaces). This option is incompatible with modes
    that use the decryption direction (ECB in PSA, CBC, XTS, KW) and with DES.
  • Support use of Armv8-A Cryptographic Extensions for hardware acclerated
    AES when compiling for Thumb (T32) or 32-bit Arm (A32).
  • If a cipher or AEAD mechanism has a PSA driver, you can now build the
    library without the corresponding built-in implementation. Generally
    speaking that requires both the key type and algorithm to be accelerated
    or they'll both be built in. However, for CCM and GCM the built-in
    implementation is able to take advantage of a driver that only
    accelerates the key type (that is, the block cipher primitive). See
    docs/ for full details and current limitations.
  • The CTR_DRBG module will now use AES from a PSA driver if MBEDTLS_AES_C is
    disabled. This requires PSA_WANT_ALG_ECB_NO_PADDING in addition to
  • Fewer modules depend on MBEDTLS_CIPHER_C, making it possible to save code
    size by disabling it in more circumstances. In particular, the CCM and
    GCM modules no longer depend on MBEDTLS_CIPHER_C. Also,
    MBEDTLS_PSA_CRYPTO can now be enabled without MBEDTLS_CIPHER_C if all
    unauthenticated (non-AEAD) ciphers are disabled, or if they're all
    fully provided by drivers. See docs/ for full
    details and current limitations; in particular, NIST_KW and PKCS5/PKCS12
    decryption still unconditionally depend on MBEDTLS_CIPHER_C.
  • Add support for record size limit extension as defined by RFC 8449
    and configured with MBEDTLS_SSL_RECORD_SIZE_LIMIT.
    Application data sent and received will be fragmented according to
    Record size limits negotiated during handshake.
  • Improve performance of AES-GCM, AES-CTR and CTR-DRBG when
    hardware accelerated AES is not present (around 13-23% on 64-bit Arm).
  • Add functions mbedtls_ecc_group_to_psa() and mbedtls_ecc_group_from_psa()
    to convert between Mbed TLS and PSA curve identifiers.
  • Add utility functions to manipulate mbedtls_ecp_keypair objects, filling
    gaps made by making its fields private: mbedtls_ecp_set_public_key(),
    mbedtls_ecp_write_public_key(), mbedtls_ecp_keypair_calc_public(),
    mbedtls_ecp_keypair_get_group_id(). Fixes #5017, #5441, #8367, #8652.
  • Add functions mbedtls_md_psa_alg_from_type() and
    mbedtls_md_type_from_psa_alg() to convert between mbedtls_md_type_t and
  • Add partial platform support for z/OS.
  • Improve performance for gcc (versions older than 9.3.0) and IAR.
  • Add functions mbedtls_ecdsa_raw_to_der() and mbedtls_ecdsa_der_to_raw() to
    convert ECDSA signatures between raw and DER (ASN.1) formats.
  • Add support for using AES-CBC 128, 192, and 256 bit schemes
    with PKCS#5 PBES2. Keys encrypted this way can now be parsed by PK parse.
  • The new function mbedtls_rsa_get_bitlen() returns the length of the modulus
    in bits, i.e. the key size for an RSA key.
  • Add pc files for pkg-config, e.g.:
    pkg-config --cflags --libs (mbedtls|mbedcrypto|mbedx509)
  • Add getter (mbedtls_ssl_session_get_ticket_creation_time()) to access
  • The new functions mbedtls_pk_get_psa_attributes() and
    mbedtls_pk_import_into_psa() provide a uniform way to create a PSA
    key from a PK key.
  • The benchmark program now reports times for both ephemeral and static
    ECDH in all ECDH configurations.
  • Add support for 8-bit GCM tables for Shoup's algorithm to speedup GCM
    operations when hardware accelerated AES is not present. Improves
    performance by around 30% on 64-bit Intel; 125% on Armv7-M.
  • The new function psa_generate_key_ext() allows generating an RSA
    key pair with a custom public exponent.
  • The new function mbedtls_ecp_write_key_ext() is similar to
    mbedtls_ecp_write_key(), but can be used without separately calculating
    the output length.
  • Add new accessor to expose the private group id member of
    mbedtls_ecdh_context structure.
  • Add new accessor to expose the MBEDTLS_PRIVATE(ca_istrue) member of
    mbedtls_x509_crt structure. This requires setting
    the MBEDTLS_X509_EXT_BASIC_CONSTRAINTS bit in the certificate's
    ext_types field.
  • mbedtls_psa_get_random() is always available as soon as
    MBEDTLS_PSA_CRYPTO_CLIENT is enabled at build time and psa_crypto_init() is
    called at runtime. This together with MBEDTLS_PSA_RANDOM_STATE can be
    used as random number generator function (f_rng) and context (p_rng) in
    legacy functions.
  • The new functions mbedtls_pk_copy_from_psa() and
    mbedtls_pk_copy_public_from_psa() provide ways to set up a PK context
    with the same content as a PSA key.
  • Add new accessors to expose the private session-id,
    session-id length, and ciphersuite-id members of
    mbedtls_ssl_session structure.
    Add new accessor to expose the ciphersuite-id of
    mbedtls_ssl_ciphersuite_t structure.Design ref: #8529
  • Mbed TLS now supports the writing and reading of TLS 1.3 early data (see
    docs/ The support enablement is controlled at build
    time by the MBEDTLS_SSL_EARLY_DATA configuration option and at runtime by
    the mbedtls_ssl_conf_early_data() API (by default disabled in both cases).
  • Add protection for multithreaded access to the PSA keystore and protection
    for multithreaded access to the the PSA global state, including
    concurrently calling psa_crypto_init() when MBEDTLS_THREADING_C and
    docs/architecture/psa-thread-safety/ for more details.
    Resolves issues #3263 and #7945.


  • Fix a stack buffer overread (less than 256 bytes) when parsing a TLS 1.3
    ClientHello in a TLS 1.3 server supporting some PSK key exchange mode. A
    malicious client could cause information disclosure or a denial of service.
  • Passing buffers that are stored in untrusted memory as arguments
    to PSA functions is now secure by default.
    The PSA core now protects against modification of inputs or exposure
    of intermediate outputs during operations. This is currently implemented
    by copying buffers.
    This feature increases code size and memory usage. If buffers passed to
    PSA functions are owned exclusively by the PSA core for the duration of
    the function call (i.e. no buffer parameters are in shared memory),
    copying may be disabled by setting MBEDTLS_PSA_ASSUME_EXCLUSIVE_BUFFERS.
    Note that setting this option will cause input-output buffer overlap to
    be only partially supported (#3266).
    Fixes CVE-2024-28960.
  • Restore the maximum TLS version to be negotiated to the configured one
    when an SSL context is reset with the mbedtls_ssl_session_reset() API.
    An attacker was able to prevent an Mbed TLS server from establishing any
    TLS 1.3 connection potentially resulting in a Denial of Service or forced
    version downgrade from TLS 1.3 to TLS 1.2. Fixes #8654 reported by hey3e.
    Fixes CVE-2024-28755.
  • When negotiating TLS version on server side, do not fall back to the
    TLS 1.2 implementation of the protocol if it is disabled.
    • If the TLS 1.2 implementation was disabled at build time, a TLS 1.2
      client could put the TLS 1.3-only server in an infinite loop processing
      a TLS 1.2 ClientHello, resulting in a denial of service. Reported by
      Matthias Mucha and Thomas Blattmann, SICK AG.
    • If the TLS 1.2 implementation was disabled at runtime, a TLS 1.2 client
      was able to successfully establish a TLS 1.2 connection with the server.
      Reported by alluettiv on GitHub.
      Fixes CVE-2024-28836.


  • Fix the build with CMake when Everest or P256-m is enabled through
    a user configuration file or the compiler command line. Fixes #8165.
  • Fix compilation error in C++ programs when MBEDTLS_ASN1_PARSE_C is
  • Fix possible NULL dereference issue in X509 cert_req program if an entry
    in the san parameter is not separated by a colon.
  • Fix possible NULL dereference issue in X509 cert_write program if an entry
    in the san parameter is not separated by a colon.
  • Fix an inconsistency between implementations and usages of __cpuid,
    which mainly causes failures when building Windows target using
    mingw or clang. Fixes #8334 & #8332.
  • Fix build failure in conda-forge. Fixes #8422.
  • Fix parsing of CSRs with critical extensions.
  • Switch to milliseconds as the unit for ticket creation and reception time
    instead of seconds. That avoids rounding errors when computing the age of
    tickets compared to peer using a millisecond clock (observed with GnuTLS).
    Fixes #6623.
  • Fix TLS server accepting TLS 1.2 handshake while TLS 1.2
    is disabled at runtime. Fixes #8593.
  • Remove accidental introduction of RSA signature algorithms
    in TLS Suite B Profile. Fixes #8221.
  • Fix unsupported PSA asymmetric encryption and decryption
    (psa_asymmetric_[en|de]crypt) with opaque keys.
    Resolves #8461.
  • On Linux on ARMv8, fix a build error with SHA-256 and SHA-512
    acceleration detection when the libc headers do not define the
    corresponding constant. Reported by valord577.
  • Correct initial capacities for key derivation algorithms:TLS12_PRF,
  • Fix mbedtls_pk_get_bitlen() for RSA keys whose size is not a
    multiple of 8. Fixes #868.
  • Avoid segmentation fault caused by releasing not initialized
    entropy resource in gen_key example. Fixes #8809.
  • mbedtls_pem_read_buffer() now performs a check on the padding data of
    decrypted keys and it rejects invalid ones.
  • Fix mbedtls_pk_sign(), mbedtls_pk_verify(), mbedtls_pk_decrypt() and
    mbedtls_pk_encrypt() on non-opaque RSA keys to honor the padding mode in
    the RSA context. Before, if MBEDTLS_USE_PSA_CRYPTO was enabled and the
    RSA context was configured for PKCS#1 v2.1 (PSS/OAEP), the sign/verify
    functions performed a PKCS#1 v1.5 signature instead and the
    encrypt/decrypt functions returned an error. Fixes #8824.
  • Fix missing bitflags in SSL session serialization headers. Their absence
    allowed SSL sessions saved in one configuration to be loaded in a
    different, incompatible configuration.
  • In TLS 1.3 clients, fix an interoperability problem due to the client
    generating a new random after a HelloRetryRequest. Fixes #8669.
  • Fix the restoration of the ALPN when loading serialized connection with
    the mbedtls_ssl_context_load() API.
  • Fix NULL pointer dereference in mbedtls_pk_verify_ext() when called using
    an opaque RSA context and specifying MBEDTLS_PK_RSASSA_PSS as key type.
  • Fix RSA opaque keys always using PKCS1 v1.5 algorithms instead of the
    primary algorithm of the wrapped PSA key.
  • Fully support arbitrary overlap between inputs and outputs of PSA
    functions. Note that overlap is still only partially supported when


  • Use heap memory to allocate DER encoded public/private key.
    This reduces stack usage significantly for writing a public/private
    key to a PEM string.
  • PSA_WANT_ALG_CCM and PSA_WANT_ALG_CCM_STAR_NO_TAG are no more synonyms and
    they are now treated separately. This means that they should be
    individually enabled in order to enable respective support; also the
    corresponding MBEDTLS_PSA_ACCEL symbol should be defined in case
    acceleration is required.
  • Moved declaration of functions mbedtls_ecc_group_to_psa and
    mbedtls_ecc_group_of_psa from psa/crypto_extra.h to mbedtls/psa_util.h
  • mbedtls_pk_sign_ext() is now always available, not just when
    PSA (MBEDTLS_PSA_CRYPTO_C) is enabled.
  • Extended PSA Crypto configurations options for FFDH by making it possible
    to select only some of the parameters / groups, with the macros
    PSA_WANT_DH_RFC7919_XXXX. You now need to defined the corresponding macro
    for each size you want to support. Also, if you have an FFDH accelerator,
    you'll need to define the appropriate MBEDTLS_PSA_ACCEL macros to signal
    support for these domain parameters.
  • RSA support in PSA no longer auto-enables the pkparse and pkwrite modules,
    saving code size when those are not otherwise enabled.
  • mbedtls_mpi_exp_mod and code that uses it, notably RSA and DHM operations,
    have changed their speed/memory compromise as part of a proactive security
    improvement. The new default value of MBEDTLS_MPI_WINDOW_SIZE roughly
    preserves the current speed, at the expense of increasing memory
  • Rename directory containing Visual Studio files from visualc/VS2013 to
  • The TLS 1.3 protocol is now enabled in the default configuration.

Who should update

We recommend all users should update to take advantage of the bug fixes contained in this release at an appropriate point in their development lifecycle.


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