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Mbed TLS 2.28.8

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27 days ago


This release of Mbed TLS provides bug fixes and minor enhancements. This release includes fixes for security issues.

Mbed TLS 2.28 is a long-time support branch. It will be supported with bug-fixes and security fixes until end of 2024.

Security Advisories

For full details, please see the following links:

Release Notes


  • AES-NI is now supported in Windows builds with clang and clang-cl.
    Resolves #8372.
  • Add pc files for pkg-config, e.g.:
    pkg-config --cflags --libs (mbedtls|mbedcrypto|mbedx509)


  • Passing buffers that are stored in untrusted memory as arguments
    to PSA functions is now secure by default.
    The PSA core now protects against modification of inputs or exposure
    of intermediate outputs during operations. This is currently implemented
    by copying buffers.
    This feature increases code size and memory usage. If buffers passed to
    PSA functions are owned exclusively by the PSA core for the duration of
    the function call (i.e. no buffer parameters are in shared memory),
    copying may be disabled by setting MBEDTLS_PSA_ASSUME_EXCLUSIVE_BUFFERS.
    Note that setting this option will cause input-output buffer overlap to
    be only partially supported (#3266).
    Fixes CVE-2024-28960.


  • Fix the build with CMake when Everest is enabled through
    a user configuration file or the compiler command line. Fixes #8165.
  • Fix an inconsistency between implementations and usages of __cpuid,
    which mainly causes failures when building Windows target using
    mingw or clang. Fixes #8334 & #8332.
  • Correct initial capacities for key derivation algorithms: TLS12_PRF,
  • Fix mbedtls_pk_get_bitlen() for RSA keys whose size is not a
    multiple of 8. Fixes #868.
  • Avoid segmentation fault caused by releasing not initialized
    entropy resource in gen_key example. Fixes #8809.
  • Fix missing bitflags in SSL session serialization headers. Their absence
    allowed SSL sessions saved in one configuration to be loaded in a
    different, incompatible configuration.
  • Fix the restoration of the ALPN when loading serialized connection with
    the mbedtls_ssl_context_load() API.
  • Fully support arbitrary overlap between inputs and outputs of PSA
    functions. Note that overlap is still only partially supported when


  • Use heap memory to allocate DER encoded public/private key.
    This reduces stack usage significantly for writing a public/private
    key to a PEM string.
  • cmake: Use GnuInstallDirs to customize install directories
    Replace custom LIB_INSTALL_DIR variable with standard CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR
    variable. For backward compatibility, set CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR if
    LIB_INSTALL_DIR is set.

Who should update

We recommend all users should update to take advantage of the bug fixes contained in this release at an appropriate point in their development lifecycle.


mbedtls-2.28.8.tar.bz2 are our official release files. source.tar.gz and are automatically generated snapshot's that github is generating. They do not include external depedencies, and can't be configured


The SHA256 hashes for the archives are:
241c68402cef653e586be3ce28d57da24598eb0df13fcdea9d99bfce58717132 mbedtls-2.28.8.tar.bz2

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