github Mailu/Mailu 2.0.40

29 days ago

Changelog 📫

  • When "Enable marking spam mails as read" was disabled, new spam messages were still marked as read.
    Updated documentation with the setting "Enable marking spam mails as read".

  • This release was triggered by PR/Issue 3068.

  • The release notes of the original main release can be accessed via menu item 'Release notes' on


The main version X.Y (e.g. 1.9) will always reflect the latest version of the branch. To update your Mailu installation simply pull the latest images `docker compose pull && docker compose up -d`.

The pinned version X.Y.Z (e.g. 1.9.1) is not updated. It is pinned to the commit that was used for creating this release. You can use a pinned version to make sure your Mailu installation is not suddenly updated when recreating containers. The pinned version allows the user to manually update. It also allows to go back to a previous pinned version.

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