github Maassoft/ColorControl v9.5.0.0
New release:

5 days ago


  • fixed crash on startup when working directory was not the location where the main executable (ColorControl.exe) resides (#224)

LG controller

  • added HDMI signalling override actions for 2020+ models (Other: Colorimetry, MasteringColor, MasteringPeak, MaxCLL and MaxFALL)
  • added Reboot action (Misc): reboots the TV. This can be useful when manually turning off the TV starts a compensation cycle and does not actually power off the TV.
  • improved UI for AdjustingLuminance and WhiteBalance-actions (2 columns and better labels) (#228)

NVIDIA controller

  • integrated the Novideo sRGB app. Use the Settings-button on the NVIDIA controller tab to access the interface. To apply settings on startup or after dynamic range change (HDR on/off), use the Settings->Settings button and check "Apply Novideo sRGB settings on startup". Via tray icon context menu clamping can also be activated. (#222)

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