github MADEAPPS/newton-dynamics v3.14
Newton 3.14 stable release for 2020

-Joint solver is now more stable, accurate and faster.
-general parallel solvers with special optimizations for specific CPUs,
with version for AVX, AVX2, SSE4.2 and a work in progress GPU based on Vulcan.
-Collision shapes now has per shape materials that the user can use for storing application data.
-Collision System is now more multithreaded, with better analytical contact filters to determine essential contacts.
-Special support libraries base of the listener system that allows the user to make their own system for controlling arrangements of rigid bodies, collision shapes, Joints from pre and post update methods.
-Plenty of example demos to demonstrate how to use the various functionality.
-CMake scripts tested on Window, Linux and Macs.
-Many bug fixed and optimizations with focus on parallel executions

latest releases: v3.14c, v3.14b, v3.14a...
22 months ago