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lolMiner 1.85 Beta

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pre-release4 months ago

This release is intentionally flagged as a beta version. The reason is that some features are missing that would make it complete. See the list below. All the new additions that are mentioned have production grade quality though.


  • Significantly improved Gram hashrate on AMD RX 5000 and higher cards by almost 10%
  • Added support for mining the Fishhash mainnet. New parameter -a FISHHASH. This will automatically use the new Ironfish stratum format that is mandatory after the fork. Supported GPUs: Nvidia GTX 1000 series and newer, AMD RX 5000 series and new. Supported dual mining options with Alephium (ALEPHDUAL), Gram (TONDUAL) and Radiant (RXDDUAL).
  • Removed old Fishhash testing codes.


  • Fixed a bug causing high amount of pool rejected shares with AMD cards and Gram mining

Missing features

  • The dual mining codes of Fishhash and Ethash B3 with Karlsen and Pyrin can be buggy at the moment.
  • The Fishhash codes for AMD RX 400 / 500 and Vega generation cards are missing at the moment
  • The Gram codes for Intel GPUs as well as AMD RX 400 / 500 and Vega and ADA generation cards are missing at the moment, for ADA please use previous version 1.84

You can expect a full release with this issues fixed in 1st week of April.

Open console and write in it:

stop && wget && tar -xvf lolMiner_v1.85_beta_Lin64.tar.gz && cp -adpR 1.85_beta/lolMiner /app-data/miners/lolminer-1.84 && start

Open console and write in it:

wget && tar -xvf lolMiner_v1.85_beta_Lin64.tar.gz && pidof -x SCREEN && miner stop || echo lolminer && cp -adpR 1.85_beta/lolMiner $(ls -d1 /hive/miners/lolminer/*/ | tail -1) && miner start

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