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lolMiner 1.84

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5 months ago


  • Improved Ton / Gram mining performance by 15-18% on AMD RDNA 1-3 and NVIDIA Pascal and newer GPUs
  • Added EthashB3 + Ton dual mining via --dualmode TONDUAL
  • Added support to mine Gram on - the https endpoint will be detected automatically, but the mode also can be selected manually by using --ton-mode 5


  • Fixed a bug causing Ton / Gram mining not to work on Cuda 11 drivers
  • Fixed a bug causing Ton / Gram mining to not work on newer AMD drivers

To update HiveOS:

wget && tar -xvf lolMiner_v1.84_Lin64.tar.gz && pidof -x SCREEN && miner stop || echo lolminer && cp -adpR 1.84/lolMiner $(ls -d1 /hive/miners/lolminer/*/ | tail -1) && miner start

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