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lolMiner 1.82a

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6 months ago


  • Improved Heavyhash-Pyrin performance on GTX16 cards by about 25-30%, improved Heavyhash-Pyrin performance on GTX 10 series cards by about 10%.
  • Improved energy efficiency of Heavyhash-Karlsen mining on GTX 16 series cards. Also slightly improved performance by about 1.5%.


  • Fixed a bug causing ETH / ETC / Ubiq mining to sometimes crash with a segfault (introduced in 1.82)
  • Fixed the "submit not found" bug on Karlsen & Pyrin mining
  • Fixed a bug causing too many rejected shares on Karlsen and Pyring when on unmineable pool.
  • Fixed reading memory temperatures on AMD RTX 4000 cards
  • Fixed a bug causing Beam mining to not work on AMD RX 5500 with 8G


Wish you all a happy new year 2024 :)

Open console and write in it:

stop && wget && tar -xvf lolMiner_v1.82a_Lin64.tar.gz && cp -adpR 1.82a/lolMiner /app-data/miners/lolminer-1.82 && start

Open console and write in it:

wget && tar -xvf lolMiner_v1.82a_Lin64.tar.gz && pidof -x SCREEN && miner stop || echo lolminer && cp -adpR 1.82a/lolMiner $(ls -d1 /hive/miners/lolminer/*/ | tail -1) && miner start

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