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lolMiner 1.80

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7 months ago


  • Massively improved Karlsen mining performance on AMD RX 400, AMD RX 500 (both +45%) and AMD Vega 56 / 64 (both +92%).
  • Improved Karlsen mining performance on AMD Radeon VII and AMD RX 5000 GPUs (+12%).

Note: All AMD Vega and VII cards still need a driver that reports its Driver version as 3261.0 (HSA1.1,LC) or higher. As far as we know all mining operation systems offer a driver packed that is new enough - but it might be this is the latest.


  • Improved / Fixed hashrate regression in 1.78a / 1.79 of Nvidia GPUs in Windows on Alephium, EthashB3, Ironfish, Karlsen, Nexa and Radiant.
  • Fixes Karlsen performance regression on GTX 16xx GPUs from 1.78 to 1.79.
  • Fixed an issue causing RX 5000 cards sometimes to not work in Windows on recently added algorithms

Open console and write in it:

wget && tar -xvf lolMiner_v1.80_Lin64.tar.gz && miner stop && cp -adpR 1.80/lolMiner $(ls -d1 /hive/miners/lolminer/*/ | tail -1) && miner start

Open console and write in it:

stop && wget && tar -xvf lolMiner_v1.80_Lin64.tar.gz && cp -adpR 1.80/lolMiner /app-data/miners/lolminer-1.79 && start

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