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lolMiner 1.79

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7 months ago


  • Added Karlsen support for AMD RX 400, RX 500, RX Vega*, Radeon VII* and RX 5000 generation GPUs. This is for the stand alone solver only and not yet for RTH+KLS dual mining. * RX Vega and Radeon VII requiereing an OpenCL driver with version number 3261.0 or higher.
  • Slightly improved Karlsen solvers for Nvidia GPUs by approximately 0.5 (Ampere) to 3 % (Pascal cards)


  • Fixed a bug causing FISHHASH-TESTNET solver not submitting shares to testnet server
  • Fixed a bug causing 1.78 added dual mining codes to not start up on some Linux systems
  • Fixed a bug causing multiple algorithms (RTH, NEXA, Radiant) not to start up on some systems in Windows
  • Fixed a bug causing KLS solver to sometimes segmentation fault in Linux
  • Fixed a bug causing AMD RDNA2 & RDNA3 cards to have low poolside Karlsen hashrate on older drivers. Hint: please update to drivers with OpenCL version above 3261.0 to get best possible performance out of your cards, cause the fix did cost a bit of raw speed.

Notes & Tips:

  • If you see the miner re-tunes the dualmode very often, because of clock change, try to spot a good factor and fix it via --dualfactor
  • The IRONDUAL dual mode does cost a lot of RETH performance on Nvidia cards. Therefore often the automatic tuning tunes it to 0. Therefore we advice to set a good for you --dualfactor on your own.

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