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lolMiner 1.77

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8 months ago


  • Added support to mine SHA512_256D used for Radiant (RXD). Use -a RADIANT to mine it, fee is 0.75%. Supported GPUs: AMD RX 470 - 590, Vega (requires rocm drivers) and all Navi and newer, Nvidia Pascal and newer.
  • Added support to mine Ethash B3 used for Rethereum (RETH). Use -a ETHASHB3 to mine it, fee is 1.0%. Supported GPUs: AMD Navi and newer, Nvidia Pascal and newer.
  • Added ethash dag correction tables for epochs 13-29 (PowBlocks, XPB), 112-129 (OCTA) and 608 - 619 (ETHW)


  • Fixed a bug in Ethash solvers for AMD Navi and newer and Nvidia GPUs that caused a crash when mining at some low epochs. This fix will allow to mine PowBlocks (XPB).
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.76a causing CTXC mining to not work.

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