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lolMiner 1.64

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19 months ago


  • Improved Kaspa only mining performance. Speed increase is about 8-8.5% on Nvidia Pascal GPUs, 4.5-5% on Nvidia Turing and Ampere GPUs and 3-4% on AMD Navi and Big Navi GPUs
  • Beta feature: added options to set core clock offset (--coff), memory clock offset (--moff), power limit (--pl) and a fixed fan speed (--fan) on common Nvidia GPUs. Required are admin privileges and Nvidia drivers 520 or higher!
    The syntax is the same as with --cclk and --mclk - if a single value is given then it will be applied to all compatible GPUs, else a coma separated list of values can be given using a * character to skip over GPUs. (1)
  • Added a new parameter --no-oc-reset to turn off the reset of overclock settings when ending the miner.
  • Windows: Added a beta gui to generate overclock settings strings / .bat files for the miner. Also the tool can apply the chosen settings directly.

(1) Note: No responsibility taken for the values set. Please use with care. If your mining os had build in functions to set these settings we recommend using them instead of the miner settings.


  • Fixing a bug with ETHV1 (nicehash) stratum mode that may cause the worker name to be appended twice when it was given by --user . (the use of --worker did not have this issue).

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