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lolMiner 1.53 public beta 3

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pre-release2 years ago

Changes (beta 2 to beta 3)

  • Added Eth/Etc/Ubiq + Kaspa solver for Nvidia Turing (RTX 2000, CMH) and Nvidia Ampere (RTX 3000, RTX Ax000) based GPUs.
    Note: on Turing the optimization curve for automatic tuning is very flat - therefore on same cards quite different --dualfactor values can be selected. We recommend to run it once and then select your preferred value manually.

Changes (beta 1 to beta 2)

  • Significantly improved Kaspa performance in the Eth+Kas solver on RX 400/500. Also improved the possible Eth / Kas ratio on RX 5000 and RX 6000 GPUs or - when running at same ratios - reduced the power consumption.
  • Improved Alephium performance in the Eth + Aleph solver on RX 5000 and RX 6000 GPUs
  • Slightly reduced clock demand on Ethash only for RX 5000 GPUs
  • Added experimental ETC+Kaspa solver for R9 285 / R9 380 (Tonga), RX Fury (Fiji) and RX 460 / 550 (Baffin) GPUs


  • Fixed "conversion to type 'b'" error message in Kaspa stratum module
  • Fixed miner displaying wrong version number and release month at startup
  • Fixed miner setting up a dev fee connection for Kaspa - that was just unused, but occupied network resources

Changes of beta 1 to 1.52a

  • Added Eth/Etc/Ubiq + Kaspa dual mining for AMD RX400, RX500, RX5000 and RX 6000 series. Use --dualmode KASPADUAL to request this algorithm. Requires --dualpool to be set to a Kaspa stratum pool. GPUs that do not support this dual mode will automatically mine Eth/Etc/Ubiq only. This algorithms prefers the newer architectures. Fee is 1%+0% as for all dual mining modes.

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