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lolMiner 1.51

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2 years ago

Changes (compared with 1.50)

  • Windows: significantly improved the speed of Nvidia Ethash mining
  • Extended working range of 100% LHR unlocker to 470 and 472 drivers. Note: please do not use the new 515.x drivers - on them the unlock currently does not work.
  • New parameter for dualmining: --dualfactor (default: "auto"). (see Note below)


  • Linux: Fixed a bug causing the Zombie mode on 5G Pascal GPUs (1060 5G, P2000) not to work.
  • Minor LHR unlocker stability improvements.

How to use new --dualfactor parameter:

This parameter can be used as more direct alternative to --maxdualimpact. It is build in a way such that the hashrate of the Ton / Aleph solver will be dualfactor * Eth hash rate. So for example if the factor is 25 and the Eth hash rate is 59.5 mh/s, then the dual hash rate will be 25 times 59.5 mh/s = 1487,5 mh/s. The maximum dual factor at the moment is 64, a value of 0 will disable dual mining on the GPU. Using the parameter will skip all tuning of the dual algorithm and set the ratio directly after DAG build. Note that if you turn the value too high, then the Ethash hash rate might fall, turning it lower usually decreases energy intake.

The parameter takes a comma separated list of values, where auto or a star can be used to skip over a GPU that should remain in auto tuning mode. If you use --devices for restricting to some GPUs, then also it is sufficient to define it for the selected GPUs only. Note, that the old --maxdualimpact parameter now also understands "auto" to keep it more consistent.

Know Bugs
Values of TON/ALPH in Windows with Turing GPU are not correct.

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