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lolMiner 1.46a

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2 years ago

lolMiner 1.46a

Changes (over 1.45)

  • Significantly improved the Ton performance in Eth+Ton dual mining for all supported GPUs. Gain is 15-20% over the old implementation at same Eth reward - combined with new tuning some cards can be much higher (e.g. RX 580) while others optimize for more Eth hash rate (e.g. RX 5700)
  • Changed the Eth+Ton and Eth+Alephium tuning functions on AMD and all Nvidia non-LHR cards. Tuning now uses a scoring function to score resulting Eth and dual coin rewards and try to optimize this. Note that with --maxdualimpact you still can just define the max % of Eth hashrate to give away. This will overwrite the scoring function.
  • Added experimental Eth+Alephium dual mining kernels for Pascal GPUs.
  • API now also gives the worker name on Ethash, Ton and Alephium mining.
  • Updated Web-gui.
  • Ton stratum: now using mode 2 automatically again. New whalespool server wss:// now using mode 6 automatically.


  • 1.46a: Fixed a bug causing the miner to sometimes end up in an infinite re-connect cycle - instead of actually reconnecting
  • 1.46a: Fixed a bug causing --maxdualimpact not having effect on some Nvidia cards
  • Fixed a bug causing connection time out (for a retry) not working properly
  • Fixed a bug in Alephium stratum: miner did not check fail-over when primary worker name was not accepted by the pool
  • Fixed a crash when trying to specify more fail-over pools for dual algorithm then for the primary connection
  • Windows: fixed a bug causing dual mining (especially Eth+Alephium) freeze the card & driver on startup
  • Fixed some minor glitches

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