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lolMiner 1.44

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2 years ago


  • Added experimental Ethash + Ton dual mining kernels for Nvidia Pascal generation GPUs.
  • Setting the parameter --maxdualimpact to 0 will now completely disable dual mining on this card.
  • Setting the parameter --dualdevices can now be used to make GPUs mine Ton only in Eth+Ton dual mode. In combination with --maxdualimpact this means one can choose for every card which algorithm to mine. (See example below)
  • Automatic tuning for dual mining will now always make sure the parameter is adjusted so the GPUs start on both algorithms if --maxdualimpact is not set. Manually setting --maxdualimpact will disable automatic parameter stretching.
  • Windows: Adjusted LHR parameters a bit for more stable operation.
  • Ton stratum now can use the --pass or --dualpass parameter to apply pool settings.


  • Windows: fixed a bug that caused abnormal high stale rates on Ethash and Ethash / Ton dual mining on Nvidia cards.
  • Windows: fixed a bug that made the miner crash when a https connection tried to re-connect (mostly Ton).
  • Linux: fixed a bug that might cause a SIGSEV or SIGPIPE crash on some Linux platforms when reconnecting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the miner to enter re-connect routine when one endpoint of a Ton - pool did not work, although other endpoints did connect well (That in combination with the previous one was root cause for most Ton errors in Windows we recently had).
  • Fixed a bug with Ton stratum not sending correct job id when dual mining on AMD cards.
  • Fixed a bug with json style configuration not working with dual mining in 1.43 release version.
  • Temporarily disabled the ZIL cache function on AMD GPUs, because it sometimes did not swap clearly. We will bring this back as soon as possible.

Example for --dualdevices and --maxdualimpact

Consider a 6 card rig with --dualdevices 4,5 --maxdualimpact 0,0,*,*,*,*
This rig will mine:

  • Eth only on GPUs 0 & 1 (ton dual mining disabled by maxdualimpact)
  • Eth + Ton on GPUs 2 & 3
  • Ton only on GPUs 4 & 5 (eth mining disabled by dualdevices)

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