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lolMiner 1.43

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2 years ago

lolMiner 1.43


  • Added support for real dual mine Ethash / Etchash / Ubiqhash + Ton. Supported on Nvidia Turing & Ampere GPUs as well as AMD Fury & AMD RX 400 series and newer. Fee is 1%.
    See this page how to configure it:
    A tuning guide can be found here:
    Important note: Mining Ton will start after about a minute or after the LHR detection. The algorithm needs to tune to your clocks for balancing Ethash and ton mining ideally. Make sure your over-clock settings do not change after this point and that your ventilation and power supply are good enough the card can sustain the chosen settings.
    Important note 2: On Nvidia GPUs we recommend a very high power limit (or none set at all) plus locked core clock for ideal mining experiences. Variable clocks or low power limits might give inconsistent or non ideal results.
  • Added parameter --maxdualimpact to limit the impact of dual mining to the hash rate of the primary algrorithm. Can be a comma separated list of values, * can be used to skip over a card (what means using its default).
    Important note: For many Vega based GPUs the default is too low to start dual mining at all. Use a very high value (of e.g. 25.0 ) to start it.
  • Added support to split the hashrate of Ethash / Etchash / Ubiqhash to two different pools with user chosen distribution. Useful e.g. for shared ower rigs or to apply an own fee when hosting mining.
    See this page how to configure it:
  • Added support to mine any two algorithms lolMiner supports simultaneously on different cards, but within the same miner instance.
    See this page how to configure it:
  • Changed the miner stats API to cover the new split and dual mine opportunities. Please make sure your mining os / integrator of the miner is up to date to make sure it is compatible!
  • Added new fields to --statsformat to cover dual mining. New available entries: "speed2", "poolhr2", "shares2", "bestshare2" and "hrperwatt2".
  • Added stratum support for upcoming Ton mining pool. Use --ton-mode 6 to use it (or rely on the auto detection).
  • Reworked Beam kernel for all (Big) Navi GPUs to be compatible with current driver lineup
  • Added Etchash, Ubiqhash (both + Ton) and Beam support for new RX 6400 + 6500 GPUs
  • Added LHR detection & unlocking support for new RTX 3050 cards. Note that on RTX 3050 Nvidia made it more complicated to unlock - without unlock only ~45% of the raw speed is reached, with unlock about 55% can be achieved at the moment.
  • Slightly changes LHR calibration to produce more consistent values


  • Fixed a bug causing RDNA / RDNA2 cards throw an unusual high rate of invalid Ethash shares on some newer drivers
  • Fixed some bugs causing re-connection to Pool does not work properly (mostly HTTPS and web socket based for TON mining)
  • Fixed a bug causing a clutter of the network stack, that might compromise the API at some point

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