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lolMiner 1.15

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3 years ago

lolMiner 1.15

Changes (over 1.14)

  • Fixed bug: Miner causing invalid shares on 4G cards on some systems (mostly Linux)
  • Fixed bug: Miner hangs up when changing epoch when using the ZIL cache feature
  • Fixed bug: Miner sometimes produces invalid shares when a new job with different epoch arrives while the miner is currently creating the DAG file for an earlier job.
  • Fixed bug: Miner not calling the default emergency scripts when a GPU was hung up (it only worked with custom scripts)
  • Improved Ethash efficiency on Nvidia GPUs
  • ZIL cache now can be used by cards with less then 8G when enough memory is available (e.g. 6G cards or when mining e.g. ETP + ZIL)
  • General stability improvements (resolved many potential miner hangs up causes)
  • Changed color scheme in Windows for Ethash mining (new jobs are now white, accepted shares green)

Changes (of 1.14 over 1.13)

  • Added Ethash Zombie mode for 4G Nvidia GPUs. Use --4g-alloc-size to calibrate the number of MBytes the GPUs are allowed to use.
  • Fixed a segmentation fault on Nvidia & mixed rigs when starting Ethash mining

Changes (of 1.13 over 1.12)

  • Ethash: Reduced power draw significantly on non-zombie mode for Rx Fury & Rx 470 - 590, slight reduction for Vega & Navi
  • Ethash: Slightly improved performance on Vega, Navi and Nvidia GPUs. Significantly improved performance on R9 390. (1)
  • Added (Linux) Zombie mode for RX 5300XT & RX 5500 4G cards. Windows users can try it by using "--win4galloc off --4g-alloc-size 4008". (Vary the last number to find out sweet spot)
  • Added ETCHash support for Radeon HD 79x0 / R9 280 (X) & RX 5300 3G. On Linux will be good for ETCHash till epoch ~250 (about July 2022)
  • Added caching of last 5 used light caches. This will reduce the switching time for Nicehash & ZIL dual mining significantly.
  • Added support for extranonce subscription on EthereumStratum/1.0.0 (Nicehash) format - this will stop the miner from frequently reconnecting to Nicehash
  • Added detection of pool not accepting worker name in <wallet.workerName> format when using ETHPROXY stratum. Miner will reconnect with worker name copied into --worker in this case.
  • Added experimental workaround for mining epoch 385+ with RX 470 - 590 and Linux kernel 5.6.x: Note this fix will deactivate the ZIL cache ability and force the miner to create DAG a bit slower. Deactivate it with --disableLinux56fix . Other Linux kernel versions and other GPUs are unchanged.
  • Fixed bug: "conversion of data to type "b" failed" when using ETHPROXY stratum mode on some pools.
  • Fixed potential issue causing GPUs to freeze when a GPU needs to reboot, e.g. epoch change or connection loss.
  • Fixed benchmark mode for ETCHash. Use --benchmark ETCHASH --benchepoch 390 to benchmark performance post fork.
  • Fixed benchmark mode not starting up when called from json type configuration.

(1) (its still not perfect, but way better)

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