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lolMiner 1.12

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lolMiner 1.12

Changes (from 1.11)

  • Added support for ETCHash (Ethereum Classic dag size reduction planned for end November). Use --algo ETCHASH to activate it. (See note below).
  • Reworked Ethash codes for late epochs on Windows. See note below / 4G_Windows_Readme.txt for configuring it.
  • Slightly improved Ethash efficiency for GCN 3 (R9 Fury, 470 - 590) & Navi cards
  • Added experimental support for Ethash on Nvidia GPUs (See note below)
  • Added new parameter: --4g-alloc-size to define the memory allowed for Ethash on 4G cards. Maxing out will give more epochs of mining & better Zombie mode performance, lower values may improve compatibility. Suggested values: Linux: 4076, Windows 4008 - 4024
  • Added new parameter: --worker to set the worker in ETHPROXY stratum mode (improves pool compatibility)
  • Overall new Ethash host size back end - hopefully improving stability of mining
  • Fixed bug: Zombie mode generates defect shares in Windows
  • Fixed bug: Logs were not written when "LOG" : 1 was set in json style config file

Note about ETC Mining

Ethereum Classic is going to reduce their DAG file size by end of November. To make the miner compatible either use --algo ETCHASH, --coin ETC or --algo ETHASH --enable-ecip1099. Also it can be activated by the pool when mining Ethash, if the pools sends "algo" : "etchash" with a new work message (this is planned by some pools, e.g. 2Miners).

Note that up to epoch 389 ETCHash and Ethash is identical. If you mine ETC on a 4G card it will have entered Zombie Mode on epoch 382 (in Linux) and will stay in there until epoch 389. When epoch 390 starts it will jump back to normal speed.

If you want to mine the ETC mordor testnet, add special parameter "--ecip1099-activation 82" to configure the miner that it switches on testnet epoch 82 (default is mainnet epoch 390)

Note about Nvidia Mining

lolMiner will use OpenCL also for Nvidia mining. That said if your cards are not shown on miner startup you may need to install cuda-toolkit which includes the OpenCl drivers. Note that Nvidia OpenCl execution only knows busy waits for the GPUs to check if they have completed work. Thus using it give high load one core of your CPUs cores independently of the CPU speed. This is considered normal!

Configuration Guide for Windows 4G Mining

Mining with 4G cards in Windows can require some amount of configuration effort.

Sadly not all the drivers available respond the same and it is not even guarantied that
multiple identical cards will behave identical when assembled into the same rig.

That said, in case the suggested 4G settings are not working, try following this steps

  1. Change the parameter --4g-alloc-size to 4000 in mine_eth_4G.bat

2)If the cards all start running:

2a) increase the value of --4g-alloc-size by a small value (e.g. 2) and retest.
2b) Stop when a card stops starting up - in this case go one step back and you are done.

  1. If there are cards that do not start up (at a reasonable hash rate):

3a) Add parameter --keepfree 16 and decrease --4g-alloc-size by 8. So e.g.
--keepfree 16 --4g-alloc-size 3992
3b) If the cards start up now (maybe in Zombie mode): keep the --keepfree value and
continue with 2a)
3c) If the cards still do not start up, increade --keepfree by 8 and decrease
--4g-alloc-size by 8. Until the cards start.

Suggested values:
--keepfree 16 --4g-alloc-size 3992
--keepfree 24 --4g-alloc-size 3984
--keepfree 32 --4g-alloc-size 3976
--keepfree 40 --4g-alloc-size 3968

Once the miner starts up you can try increasing --4g-alloc-size again (see step 2a)

  1. If nothing works: Test an other driver... Or install Linux.

Good Luck!

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