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lolMiner 1.01

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4 years ago

lolMiner 1.01

Changes (from lolMiner 1.0)

  • Improved performance of Beam Hash III on all 6G+ cards (by about 4-5%)
  • Added 3G* / 4G solver for Beam Hash III
    (* will not work in Windows 10 and some older AMD cards)
  • Fixed an issue with mining Beam Hash III to NiceHash
  • --tls now allowed to be used multiple times to configure it for each pool separately
  • If found the miner will now load the user_config.json file per default again (fixes issues with minerstat)
  • Fixed temperature and power monitoring for VII and Navi on Windows 10 (Fan speed may still be broken ... work in progress)

Expected Performance (Beam Hash III, 3/4G solver)

RX 560 4G: 5 sol/s
RX 580 4G: 11.5 sol/s
GTX 1060 3G: 7.75 sol/s

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