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lolMiner 0.9.2

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4 years ago

lolMiner 0.9.2

Changes from 0.9.1

  • Significant performance improvement of GRIN-AT31 on 8 / 16G cards (+5% on Polaris & Vega, +10 on Navi)
  • Experimental support for GRIN-AT31 and Polaris, Vega and VII using AMD ROCm drivers
  • Added range checks to GRIN-AT31 code (improves better stability)
  • Added function to call external watchdog scripts in case a GPU fails during mining (see release notes)

Usage of Watchdog Script

In case the miner detects no action of a GPU for at least a minute it will call the included scripts "" (Linux) or "reboot.bat" (Windows) and display a warning message in red. Afterwards the counters are reset. The scripts can be used to trigger a reboot of the rig or to call any other watchdog actions. The miner itself will take no further action and continue operation on the remaining cards.

Expected Performance:

  • Radeon VII (stock): 1.79 g/s
  • Radeon VII (1340/1000/0.825v, 130W): 1.37 g/s
  • Vega FE (stock): ~1.3 g/s
  • Vega 56 (1220/900/0.825v, 130W): 1.0 g/s
  • RX 5700 (Red Dragon, stock): 0.91 g/s
  • RX 580 8G: 0.56 g/s

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