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lolMiner 0.7.1 (Linux only)

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pre-release5 years ago

Updated lolMiner to version 0.7.1

Changes from 0.7

  • Added a distinct 1G / 3&4G / 6&8G kernel for mining MNX
  • Added a new parameter --asm. The parameter activates the use of binary kernels, see below.

Binary kernels in 0.7.1

lolMiner 0.7.1 features binary kernels for mining BEAM that are tuned with AMD assembler commands. This kernels currently require the AMD ROCm OpenCL driver in Linux (thats why 0.7.1 is Linux only).
When you run a system with this OpenCL drivers using --asm 1 or the pendant in config file, the miner will try to load the binary kernels.

The kernels feature a speedup of approx 8% on Radeon RX 580 series and 10% on Vega 56, 64 and Radeon VII. Also the energy consumption should slightly be reduced. There are kernels included for RX 470, 480, 570, 580, 590, Vega 56, 64 and Radeon VII. Fiji GPUs can be compatible but are untested yet.

It is planned for future releases to extend the support for other drivers and Windows, but these other drivers make it complicated to handle the improvements. Stay tuned.

Performance for BEAM

(Tested with ROCm 2.1 driver)

GPU Non-ASM Kernel ASM Kernel
RX 580 12.1 sol/s 13.3 sol/s
Vega 56 18.5 sol/s 20.5 sol/s
Vega 64 21 sol/s 23.1 sol/s
Radeon VII 24.4 sol/s 27.2 sol/s

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