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lolMiner 0.6

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5 years ago

lolMiner 0.6

Changes over 0.6 alpha 4:

  • Fixed a bug with defect shares when running on >4 GPUs
  • Slightly improved AION performance on AMD
  • Added support for edit ExchangeCoin (shortcut: EXCC) (Equihash 144/5) pow structure change that happens today (!)
  • Rules back to the alpha 3 MNX code for AMD. Worked better for most cards
  • Reduced Equihash 144/5 fee to 1.5%

Changes over 0.5 stable:

  • New codes for all coins on all cards (better speed)
  • New API and statistics module (API updating every 10 seconds)
  • Better stratum stability
  • Improved stability for many GPU systems
  • and many more small stuff I can not remember ;)

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