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Librelancer 2019.01

Belated happy new year!

What's new?


  • Better transitioning between game states
  • Shader pre-compilation to reduce stutter
  • Ini support is reworked to reduce loading times + make mods like Discovery able to load
  • Large performance increases in rendering
  • Thn scenes are on their way to working
  • DDS loader fails less
  • Correctly failing when OpenGL 3.2+ is not supported


  • The viewport is no longer mirrored (thanks @eigos for spotting that)
  • Changing types of CMP parts works better
  • Can preview the cockpit camera node (not entirely accurate yet)
  • thorn2lua command line tool introduced for decompiling Thn bytecode through the engine codebase
latest releases: 2021.01, 2019.08
pre-release2 years ago