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Librelancer 2018.12

This release focuses a lot of cleaning up the core engine code and moving parts out to C/++ libraries. It also includes a user interface for tooling based on dear imgui,

Shiny New Things

  • MIT license for easier integration into your own projects
  • LancerEdit, a cross-platform, modern editor for Freelancer UTF-based files which includes things such as...
  • Collada-based mesh authoring support!
  • System Viewer is now split out into the SystemViewer binary. The Launcher is now a pure engine instance without tooling.
  • Greatly improved performance since 2017.10.
  • Proper support for mipmaps in MIPS and MIPx nodes.
  • Turrets assigned to station loadouts render
  • Ship-mounted weaponry that can be aimed
  • Considerably greater compatibility with THN scenes (still WIP!)

Windows Notes

This release for Windows requires both the 32-bit and 64-bit redistributables for Visual C++ 2012 and 2015. These are not included in the archive. For maximum compatibility please install both x86 and x64 versions

(EDIT: added 2012 for freetype, this will be simplified in future versions)

This release also requires .NET 4.6 which is not included in older versions of windows.
Link: .NET 4.6

This release removes the mostly broken DX9 fallback powered by ANGLE. Now OpenGL 3.3-capable hardware is absolutely required to run.

Linux Notes

Ubuntu/Debian users are best installing Microsoft's official Mono package from their repository for best performance and compatibility.
Link: Mono

Linux users are encouraged to compile their own binaries with the new system based on CMake/cake. This will reduce incompatibilities with the large amount of native code now used.

Known Issues

  • Occasionally hardpoints are flipped inside out after editing in LancerEdit. I've yet to be able to reproduce this, so if you can reproduce it consistently please let me know.
  • macOS support has been removed from the build system entirely. With Apple's deprecation of OpenGL this would require a dedicated maintainer to rewrite the graphics backend.
  • Xwt is crap and broke my Crash Window on windows after I fixed it, so to get crash information you'll have to launch from cmd >:C
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