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Librelancer 2019.08

What's new?

Building is now supported with Visual Studio 2019 using --vsversion=2019


  • The beginnings of netcode!
  • Loading from newplayer.fl
  • Enough mission scripts + fuses to do the initial FP7 cutscene
  • Infocards are based on system text rendering (DirectWrite or Pango)
  • Ini is less likely to crash (again)
  • New camera closer to Freelancer behaviour
  • Performance increases


  • Hardpointing is now flawless with angles
  • Compound part view toggle
  • New hardpoint preview mesh
  • Hardpoint editing status is now tracked
  • MSAA
  • Infocard browser
  • Sur visualisation
  • Better integration with KDE

System Viewer

  • VSync control
pre-release18 months ago