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2 years ago

Bug fixes

  • Fix build toolchain to reflect uglifyjs upgrade from v2 to v3 (by @ivansanchez)

1.7.0 (2020-09-03)

API changes

  • VideoOverlay now can take a muted option (#7071 by @ronikar)
  • The featureGroup factory method now takes options, as the FeatureGroup constructor (#7160 by @frogcat)


  • Use passive event listeners for touchstart/touchend events (#7008 by @yneet)
  • Better detection of PointerEvents-capable browsers in L.Browser, and related changes to Tap, Drag, and TouchZoom handlers (#7010, (#7033, (#7036, (#7068, (#7195 by @johnd0e)
  • Add more browser profiles for the automated tests (#7115 by @johnd0e)

Bug fixes

  • Fix canvas renderer not clearing the canvas on some zoom transformations, was affecting opacity of items (#6915 by @chipta)
  • Fix detection of passive events in L.Browser (#6930 by @Ivan-Perez)
  • Prefix MS-specific CSS style to prevent warnings (by @ivansanchez, kudos to @zachricha for #6960)
  • Clean up moveend listener from map.setMaxBounds (#6958 by @simon04)
  • Fix wrong scope of bind call in ESM environments (#6970 by @shintonik)
  • Check that closePopup exists before calling it automatically (#6962 by @pke)
  • Fix exception when calling layerGroup.hasLayer() with wrong layerId (#6998 by @johnd0e)
  • Remove click filter targeting Android 4.x browsers (#7013 by @johnd0e)
  • Fix touch zoom handler context (#7036 by @johnd0e)
  • Tests for Bounds.overlaps() and Bounds.intersects() (#7075 by @mondeja)
  • Fix event propagation in a popup's container (#7091 by @johnd0e)
  • Fix tile flickering when maxNativeZoom === maxZoom (#7094 by @johnd0e)
  • Fix GridLayer's zoom-level loading algorithm (#7123 by @johnd0e)
  • Fix tooltipAnchor behavior for different tooltip directions (#7155 by @Istador)

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