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4 years ago

API changes


  • Remove unused _drawnLayers object (#6324 by ud09)
  • Avoid unnecessary redrawing in TileLayer.setUrl() when URL does not change (#6313 by JackNeus)
  • Use section instead of form in layers control (#6380 by hundekoerper)
  • Add IE11 linked SVG elements support to DomUtil.getClass function (#6366 by Schleuse)

Bug fixes

  • Set internal flags at beginning of map initialization (#6362 by ghybs)
  • Guard against layers no longer attached to a map in bringToFront/Back() (#6389 by perliedman)
  • Fix autoPan option when popup content gets updated while a panning animation is running (#6365 by Schleuse)
  • Ignore dash arrays with non-numeric entries in canvas (#6387 by perliedman)

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