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4 years ago


Bug fixes

  • Respect the preferCanvas option in all panes (#6019 by mjumbewu)
  • Do not fire tileload event if tile has empty src (#6025 by cherniavskii)
  • Fix race condition when removing canvas before it has rendered (#6033 by louMoxy)
  • Fix memory leak in canvas renderer (#6117 by aj8k)
  • Fix dragging for CSS scaled map (#6055 by ghybs)
  • Handle Polygons with empty array of LatLngs (#6119 by BakuCity)
  • Fix view bounds calculation in geolocation event handler (#6140 by wladich)
  • Fix error removing map and resizing window at the same time (#6160 by danzel)
  • Stop pan key event when pan animation is in progress (#6231 by cherniavskii)

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