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6 years ago

Leaflet 1.0.2 is a small release with a dozen bugfixes and a couple small improvements. Changes since v1.0.1:

Bug fixes

  • Fix CSS for marker shadows when max-width is already set (by @brunob, #5046).
  • Fix canvas redraw when style updates fill and/or weight (by @perliedman, #5034).
  • Prevent canvas from firing multiple mouseover events for same layer (by @perliedman, #5033).
  • Fixed a race condition when removing and adding L.Canvas vectors during a zoom animation (by @ghybs) #5011.
  • Fix zoom animation of ImageOverlay when CRS's Y axis is flipped (by @perliedman), #4993.
  • Fix encoding/decoding of GeoJSON FeatureCollections (by @IvanSanchez), #5045.
  • Fix minZoom/maxZoom late inizialization (by @IvanSanchez), #4916.
  • Fix styling of custom SVG markers by making stricter CSS selectors (by @jwoyame) #4597.
  • Fix order of mouseover/mouseout events on overlapping L.Canvas layers (by @perliedman), #5090.
  • Fix drag behaviour when a draggable marker is removed in mid-drag (by @IvanSanchez, #5063.
  • Fix L.Control.Layers.collapse() on initially uncollapsed layer controls (by @perliedman), #5090.
  • Fix blurriness of L.Tooltip by rounding up pixel coordinates (by @ashmigelski), #5089.
  • Fix click events on overlapping geometries when using L.Canvas (by @perliedman), #5100.

API changes


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