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pre-release7 years ago

Beta 2 fixes over 50 bugs that were reported by users trying out beta 1. The vast majority of changes are small fixes to problems that are triggered in very specific situations or conditions, a few API consolidation changes, and a few browser workarounds.

API changes

  • now accepts radius as an option (like L.circleMarker) rather than a second argument (by @IvanSanchez)


  • Implemented canvas optimizations on mousehover interactions (by @philippelatulippe) #3076
  • Improved drag behaviour by preventing a preclick event during drag (by @yohanboniface) #3632
  • Implemented L.ImageOverlay.setBounds() and fixed image overlay initialization (by @fminuti) #3680
  • Implemented draggable items to fire mousedown events (by @yohanboniface) #3682
  • Changed detection of browsers capable of msPointer events (by @IvanSanchez) #3684
  • Implemented latitude truncation for spherical mercator projection (by @perliedman) #3700
  • Armored against browsers not implementing Geolocation.clearWatch() #3707
  • Implemented generation of sourcemaps when building and minifying source files (by @IvanSanchez) #3723
  • Added bringToFront and bringToBack to popups (by @danzel). #3908 #3307
  • Multiply offset by 3 on keyboard pan when shift key is pressed (by @yohanboniface) #3921

Bug fixes

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