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latest releases: v1.9.3, v1.9.2, v1.9.1...
7 years ago
  • Fixed a regression that could sometimes cause tiles to disappear when pinch-zooming on iOS devices.
  • Fixed a regression related to msPointer detection in IE10 (affecting Leaflet.draw and some other plugins) (by @danzel) #3842 #3839 #3804
  • Fixed a bug where a mouseout could fire after a vector element was removed (by @sambernet). #3849 #3829
  • Fixed touch interactions in Edge browser (by @mitchless & @neorth). #3853 #3379
  • Fixed a bug where removing a layer group from a feature group would throw an error (by @Lambdac0re). #3869

Note that we skipped 0.7.6 version for which we accidentally published a broken build to NPM.

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