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12 days ago

3.6.0 (2023-05-24)


  • go: add go lang extras (#795) (163a4f9)
  • typescript: added dap config for typescript. Will only be enabled when dap is also enabled (e9fb81e)
  • vscode: add vscode=true to any plugin spec you want to activate in vscode (39fa636)
  • vscode: better vscode support (5bf45e3)

Bug Fixes

  • go: extend mason ensure_installed (b172f47)
  • neotest: pass opts to neotest (bf66e71)
  • remove debug notify (#808) (9cfe88c)
  • vscode: added ts-context-commentstring (e975f02)
  • vscode: properly cleanup disabled deps (eba510e)

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