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15 days ago

3.4.0 (2023-05-22)


  • project: add to mini.starter (#640) (f898233)
  • tailwind: don't enable tailwind in markdown files (2955445)
  • tests: added neotest (#642) (bb0d4d4)
  • vscode: added vscode extra with minimal functionality. Will only do something when vim.g.vscode is set (c12835a)

Bug Fixes

  • dap: fix the mason-nvim-dap setting name (#781) (b4099a6)
  • make some extra deps optional (183fd89)
  • persistence: dont add rtp to session (99785ce)

Performance Improvements

  • eslint: only run EslintFixAll for the current buffer when there are diagnostics from eslint (b227d97)

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