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10.20.0 (2024-03-28)


  • cmp: added option auto_brackets that adds brackets to functions/methods in configured filetypes (bf8ce80)
  • extras: added extra for mini.diff (e29c7ac)
  • extras: added extra for the trouble.nvim v3 beta (bb6aa98)
  • extras: use mini.move instead of native move (#2865) (8f1fb60)
  • python: enable auto_brackets for python, since pyright and basedpyright dont support this natively (d95c2ba)

Bug Fixes

  • config: type filter was broken for telescope symbols (e3075b0)
  • nvim-lint: don't duplicate linters. Fixes #2852 (cfbd358)
  • statuscolumn: right align signs when virtnum > 0 (a786c47)
  • trouble: show message if use hasnt updated with Lazy yet after enabling the extra (9a2f773)

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