github LawnchairLauncher/lawnchair v11.0-alpha.3
Lawnchair 11.0 Alpha 3

Lawnchair 11.0 Alpha 3 adds the following features:

  • Fuzzy search in the App Drawer
  • Customisable backgrounds of Auto Adaptive Icons

This release also addresses the following bugs and inconveniences:

  • The foregrounds of some Auto Adaptive Icons were too large
  • App names and icons were missing from the Widget Drawer
  • Lawnchair didn’t revert to system icons when the active icon pack was uninstalled
  • Swiping between Home Screen pages could open the notification panel
  • In Settings, clicking a row with a switch didn’t toggle the switch
  • When folders were being opened, the corners of their backgrounds misbehaved
  • The status bar flashed dark grey when Settings were being opened in dark mode
pre-release4 months ago