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LWJGL 3.2.3

latest releases: 3.3.1, 3.3.0
3 years ago

Changes since 3.2.2:


  • Added Shaderc bindings. (#77)
  • Added bindings to platform APIs that can be used to programmatically generate input events.
  • Assimp: Updated to 5.0.0rc2 (up from 5.0.0rc1).
  • bgfx: Updated to API version 100 (up from 99)
  • glfw: Updated to 3.4.0 pre-release (up from 3.3.0)
  • EGL: Added EGL_NV_stream_dma.
  • jemalloc: Updated to 5.2.1 (up from 5.2.0)
  • LibOVR: Updated to 1.39.0 (up from 1.35.0)
  • libdivide: Updated to 2.0 (up from 1.0)
  • lz4: Updated to 1.9.2 (up from 1.9.1)
    • Also, the LWJGL memory allocator is now used for internal allocations.
  • nuklear: Updated to 4.01.0 (up from 4.00.2)
  • OpenGL(ES): Added latest extensions.
    • GL_EXT_multiview_tessellation_geometry_shader
    • GL_EXT_multiview_texture_multisample
    • GL_EXT_multiview_timer_query
    • GL_EXT_texture_shadow_lod
    • GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_R8
    • GL_KHR_shader_subgroup
    • GL_NV_shader_subgroup_partitioned
    • GL_NVX_gpu_multicast2
    • GL_NVX_progress_fence
  • OpenVR: Updated to 1.6.10 (up from 1.3.22)
  • par: Updated par_shapes to latest version.
    • Added par_shapes_create_cone.
  • par: Added par_streamlines bindings.
  • rpmalloc: Updated to 1.4.0 (up from 1.3.2)
  • stb
    • Updated stb_image to 2.23 (up from 2.22)
    • Updated stb_truetype to 1.22 (up from 1.21)
    • Updated stb_vorbis to 1.17 (up from 1.16)
  • Vulkan: Updated to 1.1.121 (up from 1.0.107)
    • Includes MoltenVK 1.0.36
  • xxhash: Updated to 0.7.1 (up from 0.7.0)
  • Zstd: Updated to 1.4.3 (up from 1.4.0)


  • Linux: Added support for ARM builds.
    • 32-bit: ARMv7/armhf architecture. Maven classifier: linux-arm32
    • 64-bit: ARMv8/AArch64 architecture. Maven classifier: linux-arm64
  • Windows: There is now a separate native JAR file per architecture.
    • The default contains x64 shared libraries only. Maven classifier: windows
    • lwjgl-natives-windows-x86.jar contains x86 shared libraries only. Maven classifier: windows-x86
    • The 32 suffix has been dropped from x86 shared library names.
  • Windows: Shared libraries are now built with Visual Studio 2019 (up from 2017)
  • Maven: LWJGL artifacts now include a Bill of Materials (lwjgl-bom). (#481)
  • Refactored the layout of native JAR files.
    • Shared libraries have been moved from the root to a <platform>/<arch>/<module>/ subfolder.
      • <platform>: one of linux, macos, windows.
      • <arch>: one of x64, x86, arm64, arm32.
      • <module>: the corresponding Java module name as a package hierarchy.
      • Example: in lwjgl-glfw-natives-linux.jar is under the linux/x64/org/lwjgl/glfw folder.
    • The new layout allows multiple native JAR files to be combined for custom deployment.
    • Custom (or the old) layout may be used with newly exposed Configuration options.
  • Core: Added enum Platform.Architecture and Platform.getArchitecture() API.
  • Core: Added relative & absolute apply(Consumer<T>) methods to StructBuffer<T>.
  • Core: Added Consumer<T> setters to structs with nested arrays of structs.
  • Core: Added memByteBuffer overloads that return ByteBuffer views of other buffer types.
  • Core: Added CLongBuffer, a class similar to PointerBuffer but for C long values.


  • Core: Removed support for Critical JNI Natives. (#490)
    • Will be restored in LWJGL 3.3 (disabled by default, enabled with a Configuration option).
  • Core: Fixed buffer attachment offset detection on JDK 12+. (#491)
  • Core: Fixed ByteBuffer attachments in memSlice & memDuplicate.
  • Generator: Fixed invalid generation of functions with struct parameters passed by value. (#496)
    • Affected bindings: OpenVR and LLVM/Clang.
  • Generator: Improved javadoc for array and nested struct members.
  • EGL/GLES: Fixed bootstrapping code.
    • Regression caused by org.lwjgl.system.JNI refactoring in 3.2.2.
  • LLVM: Fixed default library names.
  • lmdb: Reverted to the official release. (#482)
    • Windows: Performance issues are eliminated, but sparse database mappings & incremental file growth are not supported anymore.
  • OpenGL: Fixed signatures of glGetnUniformiv and glGetnUniformuiv.

Breaking Changes

(B): binary incompatible change
(S): source incompatible change
  • Core: The Library.loadSystem & Library.loadNative methods now require a module name parameter. (S)
  • Core: Removed Consumer<T> overloads from read-only structs with nested struct members. (S)
  • Core: MemoryUtil.memFree(PointerBuffer) changed to memFree(CustomBuffer). (B)
  • LZ4: The autoFlush and favorDecSpeed members of LZ4F_preferences_t are now mapped to Java boolean. (S)
  • Vulkan: The descriptorCount member of VkWriteDescriptorSet must now be set explicitly. (S)
    • The semantics of descriptorCount may change via extensions, which invalidates auto-sizing.

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